Cheap Domain Hosting Review 2016

Cheap Domain HostingProper guidelines of buying domain hosting (Cheap hosting and domain name):
Nowadays it is seen that many people demand that they are the owner of data center or Bangladeshi hostagetor or best company of Bangladesh or they host 3 thousands/ 5 thousands or 10 thousands web site.

Some provider will make you understand that if you buy their hosting, you will able to browse from your own computer hard disk. Some will claim that they are the best dedicated server provider. Many local and foreign hosting company make hosting business by taking server from them. But the funny fact is that they has already hostaged their web site to another local provider!!!

Besides some will make you understand that your web site will not be down or slow in spite of increasing visitors. But their own web site can not be found when it is necessary. Tax is not needed while talking and writing so where is the problem?

Problem created when customers find them in difficulties and then they say details. They also inform that the company does not response any more. How can domain hosting be renewed? I have a small business of web hosting and for this reason i get many phone calls. My writings are for them who are interested to buy hosting at present.

The main problem is that everyone runs after cheap things. For example people want to buy mango by the price of berry, want to have hen by the price of egg.  Now think the circumstances!!! It is not necessary to become a scientist to recognise good company. Remember one thing that costly things ensure the quality and cheap things don`t.

DomainKeep in concern before buying domain (Cheapest domain registration):

  • United Stated  people believe that .com domain is real. So you have to give priority .com name of domain while buying it then the others thing. I also say that .com is top level domain.
  • You have to remember that domain size should be small. It will be difficult to recall for everyone if it is registered by peculiar type or big name. So it is quite possible to lose visitors if the name of domain is incorrect.
  • You will also remember that your domain name does not match with another published company/website. If you do so then you won`t  face any difficulties in future.

Some discussion about unlimited disk space:

Unlimited Disk Space: Many people give importance on unlimited hosting while making website. Remember that there is a limitation of finite thing and many problems arise as bonus. Have you ever seen any kind of unlimited disk which capacity is unlimited? Is it possible at all? If your answer is “no” then hope you will understand that there is no disk that is unlimited. Because your server of provider also serves like our computer hard disk. So how can you able to get unlimited disk space where server disk itself is not unlimited?

Unlimited Bandwidth: Now you can say that you can get unlimited bandwith in spite of getting unlimited disk space. Just give a pause , here is another matter to  concern. Port speed of every server is fixed. For example speed of your pc land carder is fixed. But you can upgrade port speed of your PC if need.

Now see which port can give you how much  bandwidth:
10 Mbps port speed=3287 GB bandwidth
100 Mbps = 32871 GB bandwidth
1 Gbps = 328717 GB bandwidth
10 Gbps = 3287179 bandwidth

You will get this bandwidth if server port is loaded which is not possible. And your provider certainly wont host only your site,on the other hand there are many clients whom need unlimited bandwidth. So how can you get unlimited bandwidth from this limited bandwidth? Hope this question is clear now.

What is unlimited?
Now surely you are disappointed. You must have fallen into thinking? You are thinking that if it is so then why does many companies make advertisements of infinitive? Honestly speaking it is a marketing policy. In real world there is nothing which is unlimited. If it were possible to run site by 5/10 dollar monthly unlimited hosting bill then there were no necessity of unlimited server in the name of dedicated/VPS/cloud etc. Everything could be done by unlimited. Or there were no products in the name of dedicated/VPS/cloud service of that unlimited hosting company. Remember that unlimited hosting company will suspend your site showing some reasons at any time. So hope now you can understand what is unlimited actually?

HostingNow think about buying hosting (Cheap web hosting service):

Disk Space/Bandwidth:  At the beginning many people think that they need a lot of space/bandwidth to make web site. It is found that 500mb hosting is needed for making website. But without knowing they have already bought 5gb/10 GB package. As a result he or she has to pay every month for nothing. So make it clear that how much disk space and bandwidth you need. And buy hosting package according to your need so that u have to not pay extra money. If you need extra disk space/bandwidth in future then you will upgrade your disk space in next plan. Now almost every company offers package upgrade opportunities. If you have intention to make your website of movie/song/video then you will have to concentrate on bigger web space.

Money Back Guarantee:  Moneyback guarantee is an important matter of web hosting. Maximum companies (Best hosting companies) offer moneyback grantee within 30 days. Make it sure that company offers you maoneyback  grantee or not before buying.

Support:  Support is another important matter of web hosting.If your hosting server is down and takes too much time to inform and get reply then it has possibility to lose lakh visitors. problem will be bigger if you are reseller client.You will have no answer to convince your client. So make it sure that how fast support your company offers.Ask your hosting company how their guarantee support is. And by which mean they provide support. You can also get this information by mailing the company if u feel necessary.

Product Pricing: Pricing of your domain hosting is another matter of concern. If you think that buying domain hosting with much cost is advantageous then it is your misconception. You will get clear conception if you notice the renowned company`s pricing.

Overall Condition Of Institution:

  • Know ins and outs about your hosting before buying it. You will be able to judge the company by observing public opinion and review of that company. You should give importance their opinions whoever already used various hosting.
  • Make sure that billing software used by the company is legal or not. Using illegal billing software company won`t give you fruitful result. Because it has possibilities to remove your whole website and important information of all clients from data center. All data can be hacked because of pirated billing software.
  • By which means company will receive your payments is another matter to concern. Never exchange your personal account with any company. Try to exchange with their institution.

Hope it will be informative who will buy hosting and domain.


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