How to Learn About Professional Email Marketing??

Email MarketingWelcome everyone in the course of ‘Learn Professional Email marketing, create a successful career’. One thing you guys wanted to know often times and that is how many days need to complete this course. Please tell if you have any short cut etc that means teach me the magic how to reach at the top of a tree by giving just one jump. I said it before and saying now also, this course does not have the requirement to know too much thing, you can learn this course with the basic knowledge of computer and internet. But all you need is to be hardworking, honest, devotion, patient and conviction to go forward.

The Email marketing includes with

  • Some words about the last tune which is about MailChimp.
  • How to create new HTML template body by editing HTML.
  • Where you can use the new edited E-mail template.

And along with that some important tips and there is a magic video tutorial for making you the master about creating a new E-mail template by editing HTML E-mail template.

Some words about that means MailChimp

I’ve try to teach you about MailChimp from the starting sign up to email campaign set up. And your work was to practice over MailChimp and share at the group or to me directly if you face any kinda problem. So I can make a video tutorial of your problem and try to solve it. I try to keep my words because I’ve said before that I will make you the master of MailChimp. Many of you asked me at the group and more question is left, so practice by watching the video tutorials and the last episode’s tune. And you can ask as much as question of your head at the group or to me about MailChimp.

How you can create a new template from editing HTML E-mail template??

You don’t have to be a master of HTML or CSS or Photoshop if you wanted to make a new template by editing HTML E-mail template.  Just you have to know how to add or how to change something. It’s like that the old dress changed to a new one. Suppose, how Messi changes his jersey from Barcelona to Argentina, how Cristiano Ronaldo changes his jersey from Real Madrid to Portugal. That means the jersey is changing but the player is remain same. So as like, the E-mail template is same but the writing and images are changed.

You just have to edit, that means you have to change the writings or images of that template and you have to add yours. You can change the color or font and you can add your link. That’s it, the work is done. A great HTML E-mail template could be created without any labor.

You are able to make some changes or additions of your choice as you like. As like, you did in the MailChimp.

So where you can use the templates which is edited

If you wanted to promote a company or products or services and if you want to affiliate marketing then you need lots of E-mail templates. Then you can use the edited templates. It will help to save money and time at a time. You have to face lots of difficulties if you create each template for the company or for the product or services of your affiliate marketing.

Then the edited HTML E-mail template will help you like magic.

Thanks Everybody


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