How to Make a Professional YouTube Channel?

Professional Youtube ChannelExtra 8 videos creation ideas for those who are interested to take YouTube professionally.

Normally we make tutorial, prank videos which are limited. Besides new comers think that it is very difficult and expensive to make a video. Nothing to say. Brother, it is much more difficult to  copy other`s videos by editing for releasing in YouTube.

Now Say What Can We Do?
Think and discover your skill. What about dance, singing, painting, cooking, movie making, news, sports update? You have certainly interest in at least one area among these areas. Pick up your interested area and make video on that subject.

Now you certainly can keep a question that what`s the benefit by doing this?
Bro! I am repeating again. If you work on your interested subject then obviously your work will be good. It is not necessary to upload videos everyday. Upload your videos only one in a week and two videos in a month. There will be no scarcity of subscribers after six months.

Now come to the point. I will present eight different video creation ideas  for skilled and new you tubers from my perspectives. And  there are no needs any expenditure except video record enable smart phone and video editing software to work with these ideas. How many videos will you make only by watching high CPC? OR Best quality videos??

Let`s start…

1. Video On Origami Types Of Things:
Origami Videos means without cutting papers making bird, boat, flower only by rapping papers. You may make a lot of  creative videos on how unused materials ( old plastic bottles, pen, cartoon, box) can be used again.

2. Videos On Home Based Tasks:
You may also make videos on home based tasks like  binding books, how to clean unclear mirror, cooking, sewing, gardening. YouTube. That means you will get a handsome amount of subscriber.

3. Painting:
Painting does not mean only drawing picture. Painting means a lot.  If you are skilled in sketching or drawing then you can make videos on 3D paint, illusion paint, formal paint and upload them in YouTube. If you can make these videos creative and simple to understand then these tasks can be a milestone for your earning source.

4. Videos On Micro Controlling:
One should make a channel with robot, circuit, electronics. You can present videos of other`s as well as of your own made video very simply. Besides You can also put some more videos like how to repair damaged remotes, torch, calculator, necessary electronics etc. Your videos may be shared  with great amount.

5. Possibilities Of Being Teacher:
You may play piano, guitar, flute or you can dance well. Now use your cell phone. Yet we have no any Bangladeshi channel which shows  tutorial on piano, guitar, dance. If you can then start. You will get good response.

6. You Can Do Some Works On Sports:
Perhaps you can drive cycle well or be good at cricket, football. You can share the strategy of the well sort of cricket, way of being a good player etc on your channel in youtube. There is scarcity of these kinds of bangle videos in youtube.

7. You Can Present Yourself Properly:
In some days ago I had a conversation with my senior brother. He could be a good RJ. But fortune did not support him. You may have also that talent.  You may create some interesting videos on different matters of recent years by recording in your mobile and can publish them. You can seek help of your friend if you need. Remember maximum people search videos on YouTube for entertainment. If you can represent some topics with relevant logic by this entertaining channel then your subscribers will be increasing rapidly. If you can represent yourself more nicely then you can solve the problems of textbooks and give a easy solution in YouTube. For example geometry of Pythagoras ,Newton`s mathematical problem`s solution, solution of famous mathematical problem`s solution. And don`t forget to do SEO after uploading these videos.

8. New Update Can Be a New Idea Of a Channel:
I don`t know how effective this idea is. But I have seen it in famous foreign channel. Their tasks are to present the recent incident, important sports highlights in their channel. You can also try it. But maintain a distance from copying other`s videos. Present By yourself. Add some image if you need. Don`t copy directly. Think from new perspective. You will see that there will be no scarcity of video creation ideas. You may have better creation ideas than I have.

At the end I am reminding you two important advice again Keep distance you from copying. There is no alternative of these tasks.


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