How to Make Your Videos Rank Better on YouTube??

YouTube Video RankingYouTube Video Ranking Way:

It is needed to optimize search engine if you want to give first place to any website or specific page in your Google search result. Like this you will have to optimize YouTube video if you want any video at first place in youtube search result. Sometimes it happens that new published videos are being dismissed from Google in spite of taking first place of searching videos result because of lacking proper optimization.

I am doing study on this subject and sharing it for all. Hope it will be helpful to all of you. Any advice or opinion will be accepted cordially.

YouTube Video Optimization Tips/YouTube Seo Tips:

Described facts will be helpful  if your video can give value to viewers.  To bring YouTube video in rank, Both on page optimization and off page optimization is important. Lets see how does the optimization occur in YouTube.

On Page OptimizationOn Page Seo Optimization:

Relevant Key Words: Like keywords of a website, a video has also some keywords which is most important thing! Relevant keywords videos are shown at the top place at YouTube search result all time. It is important to mention most relevant keywords within 50 words in the description of video.

Video Title: Most targeted keyword should be given in video title. Never make visitors puzzled  by making mistake in title. Start title with keywords and make it attractive so that people understand that it is the proper video. Mention serial number for each video if it is a serial video. By doing this videos will come maintaining serial number.

Video Description: Video description should be very clear and informative. Normally YouTube gives priority on 300+ words description. Description should be unique and decorated  where enough information are available. It is better to mention key word four times in description.

Thumbnails: Thumbnails makes first impression of a video. After uploading and processing, YouTube itself takes 3 snaps from video and then suggests thumbnails. But YouTube gives importance customs thumbnails for ranking.

Video Transcript: Transcript is important for ranking video. It will be the best if video transcripts are made by keywords.

Channel Authority: YouTube channel makes contribution in ranking video. Channel authority means linking the increasing engagement, subscriber, website and social media with channel.

Basically these are the on page optimization for ranking YouTube video. Let`s know what to do for optimization of off page.

Off Page Seo Optimization.jpgOff Page Seo Optimization:

High Retention Views: It is important to know how many people have viewed your video and how much time they spend in watching your video. High retention view means watching about 50%-60% of a video.

Video Comments: Comments are very important to increase channel authority and video ranking. If a video gets positive comments that means viewers have appreciated it. It is also important to give feedback and response of a comment for ranking. But never comment by yourself because YouTube understand spam comment.

Subscribers: Viewers will subscribe for next video or update if they like the video which will create importance to not only YouTube but also Google.

Favorites: Another important fact is how many people have liked the video and include those videos to Watch later list.

Thumbs Up/Downs Or Likes/Dislikes: Video rank depends on the number of likes and dislikes. If video is liked then it will be thumbs up and if disliked then will be thumbs down. It depends on video quality and dependence of video to visitors.

Back Links: YouTube considers in bound links as YouTube bank links/increase your rankings YouTube. Relevant back link is useful for video ranking.

Social Shares And Embeds: Video sharing in various social media and embed in blog post have importance in regard of YouTube video ranking. These are the some tasks of off page optimization for YouTube video ranking/increase your rankings YouTube.

Never Do This Mistake:

Never upload by downloading other`s video and publish copywriter video. After uploading video in YouTube, avoid illegal means by viewing video many times from same account. If it is done then there are possibilities to be banned!

YouTube maintains a fixed proportion with the number of likes and dislikes. Don`t try it yourself. If it happens, YouTube may ban whole channel.


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