Niche site Budgeting Strategy For Beginner

Niche site Budgeting Strategy

How to do a Niche site budget? It varies from person to person but now I will discuss the Niche site Budgeting which is very common to all. So let’s discuss this Niche site budget strategy. Certainly, I am sharing my own personal experience during writing this article but that does not mean that I won’t take any suggestion of others experts. This budget is a combination of all opinions.

This budget plan can be done generously I mean hard working can be reduced.  We all make this budget plan in such a way so that all costing can be viewed clearly. If you have various skills in this whole budget process then the costs will be reduced for you. So let’s make the list.

Things first of all we need:

Domain: 10 dollar
Hosting: 10 dollars in the first month if it is taken from name cheap, then 40 dollars is needed after the first month. ( In basic plan).
Theme:  50 dollars in average from shift or focus blog. It is not to be wise to reduce this cost. Many people ask that whether they can affiliate by blog spot or word press. It can be done technically but no one will be succeeded for sure. So do not take the risk by these.

So basic cost is 70 dollars:

Now we have to research the keyword. You need a research tool if you want to do keyword research by yourself. In this case, everyone prefers for long tail pro or keyword revelers. Keyword revealers are cheap. The basic plan is 10 dollars per month. You will not need more than 1 month. And if you do outsource keyword research then 50$ is required from InkWord. You can do it by the freelancer from UpWork or people per hour Or Using Checp rate But good service Creatazteam. The cost will be the same.  We think that you will do it by yourself.
So, In this case, the cost is 10 dollar.

You need time to do this research. Let’s think that you need minimum 5 hours to do this keyword research. Those, who did not do freelancing ever they mistake very often. We do not convert our working time to money. This is a wrong conception in the case of budgeting. We will not count much of our working time right now. Let’s count your per 2 hours as 2 dollars. ( which is very poor in all markets)

Then total cost in case of keyword research: 20 dollars.

I am thinking that designing site and develop is done by yourself. At that case, you need not hire anyone. If you have skill on making site then you will be able to build up a site within 2-3 hours but if you have no experience then it will take time. We are thinking that you need 4 hours in average to build up a site.

In this case, cost is 8 dollars:

The site has been developed. Now next step is putting content on the site. We are thinking that you will not write by yourself. ( If you write it by yourself then count it 2 dollars per hour). You will outsource the article. Let’s think that you will take an article from InkWork. In that case, your cost is 1$ per 100 words. You can find a freelancer in cheap price in UpWork. You can also choose text broker for more.

Nowadays a few sites can establish without a lot of content. We are thinking that you need a content of 40 thousand words in a site. And you need 3 hours for uploading these 40 thousand words.
The cost of 40 thousand words: 400$
The cost of your time: 6 $

The cost of content: 406$

Extra cost: You need a logo to establish your site as a band. You will reduce 5 dollars from the fiber. ( My personal experience suggest that fiber logo is quite good). Besides, you will add some info graphic in site. For this, we count more 50 dollars.

The Extra cost: 55 dollars

Now we have come to the social media step.  You have to ready your profile of band by each social media, Pinterest from google plus, Instagram from facebook. many people do it by themselves. And many people do it by team member, virtual/personal assistant. You have to give at least 1 hour every day to make your site popular and increasing communication after uploading your site in social media. I am thinking that you will work for 6 hours for ranking your site. In this time you will give 1 hour on social media marketing per day within 3 months.
In this case, the cost is 180 dollars within 90 days.

Now come to the main point and that is SEO. You have to do a lot of various types of works for SEO. It will be a huge article by blog comment, out reach email, making the slide, uploading video and so on. We will count it in a simple way. Suppose you will do SEO of site through 3 months. Every day for 3 hours. You will do all things by yourself and everything will be included in it.

In this case, the cost is: 540 dollars

If you are fortunate then your site will be ranked within this period. If it is not working properly then you have to give more time in SEO and at that case, your expenditure will increase in that way.

According to this budget to establish a Nish site your total cost is: 1260$. The good news is that if you do all works by yourself then you will be beneficiaries. You do not have to pay it. But remember one thing that time is money. Let me know about your specific plan in which you want to do.


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