How to get success by using Pinterest marketing Tips (part-1)

success by using Pinterest marketingMore than 70 million people those have blogs, owner of a company, have brand value or business etc which have a great influence by using Pinterest in the field of social media in recent times.

In order to get the audience, Pinterest is a great medium where visitors are visiting from different ways. Though it is a photo sharing site, but it is very challenging to get a convenient site as interest in other social media.

There are so many tips and strategies are found about Pinterest in different places. Today we are going to discuss different types of Pinterest marketing tips which are checked by buffer Pinterest marketing team and from here one can learn which method is more effective.

The tips you should follow to do well in interest:

  1. Pin at least 5 times in a day.
  2. Create a Pin schedule.
  3. Apply rich pin at your website.
  4. Resize your image.
  5. Add text while doing pin and create the image.
  6. Description needed to associate with the key word and create a board.
  7. Use important links in the description.

Now we will see you some tips and case studies which are checked directly by the Pinterest marketing group.

Pin as much as possible:

It is the most effective way to increase the engagement in these days. Pin 10 times in a day gives more effective result than Pining one or two times. In this way, your fane engagement will explore at most 1.5 times which is mentioned after research by Pinterest marketing team.
A team member named ‘Courteney’ suggested pinning 5 to 30 times by conducting a research.

Some objects should consider while Pin such as:

If we take some preparation and doing practices before jumping on the field in right time, then it gives our work more effectiveness. We can share good kinds of contents on Pinterest serially and we can expect a good result if we take this under the supervision of schedule. Decorate your pin is very important for your audience. That’s why the posts should be up to date in order to enhance the content burst.

Apply rich pin for your website or blog:

The Rich pin is the free feature of Pinterest which helps to add more description and information in your pin. The Rich pin is a great medium to work with.

kinds of rich pin one can have in interest:

  1. Opportunity to give pin headline, author, description, and link to pin article.
  2. By using product pin, you can have real-time pricing, easier way to get products and receiving the place.
  3. Recipe pin consists with food line, cooking time and information of distribution.
  4. Movie pin consists of ratings, artist serials, and reviews.
  5. Place pin consists of address, phone number, and map.

Let’s see at a glance how the rich pin looks like:

You can watch the product price under the rich pin.
You can also watch the information of the product by rich pin.
The Rich pin is only for verified site. You could not be auto medical while doing this. Right code must be used every where to apply for a rich pin.

How to add rich pin:

  1. Add Pinterest code at the side. You can use Youst if your site is WordPress. You can use a code in the certain space in Youst.
  2. Verify your Pinterest site. You’ll find verification tools here.
  3. Request for a rich pin, you’ll find an option of click to apply in verification tool.
  4. When it is verified, you can get a notification mail ( it may take a week)

When you across these step, pin from now and back are automatically added to rich pin such as headline, author, description, links etc.

The statement of pinterest marketing team about rich pin;
“Our rich pin was verified on 7 April and from then we are getting the average of 189 clicks per day at our log, where the number of clicks was just 85.”
That means rich pin enhances the clicks almost two times.
The Pinterest marketing team’s 30 days click activity of buffer blog is shown underneath;
That is all for today. I have more two articles on Pinterest.

The next phase includes with:

  1. How to create the right image on Pinterest.
  2. How to create more effective description on Pinterest.
  3. How to use more images in one pin.
  4. How to create the pin with text.
  5. How to create the key word rich board to post in a blog.
  6. Pinterest marketing related more tips and
  7. Some helpful resource which makes your Pinterest more popular.

This is my first article on genesis blog. Please don’t forget to share your opinion, that’s how I can understand the efficiency of my writing. All credit goes to Vikram Bhai.Thanks for reading.


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