What Is Social Bookmarking And It`s Advantages?

Social BookmarkingSocial Bookmarking Mean?

All web masters knows  the importance of social book marking, and there is no alternative of SEO of site. Basically social book marking is virtual link diary. Generally we save important website and link in browser or keep in bookmark. We can do same thing in social bookmarking site. In this case the advantage is we can access to the link by any browser and easily share them with our friends.

So it is necessary to know the address of social bookmarking site. My tune is considering web master. Here are given more than 50 social bookmarking address. Hope these will help you.

Social bookmarking is 3 types in case of link preserving and sharing.  Private Social Bookmarking Site These links preserving in social book marking site can be seen only by who preserve them. Generally Google bookmarks provides this service.

Open Social Bookmarking Site In this social bookmarking site, sharing links are open for everyone. As a result anyone can be benefited by this links. Dig is the best example of this social bookmarking site.

What Are The Advantages Of It?

Recent social bookmarking sites are not only limited to bookmarking but also many social communications services have been included to this. Besides search engines give  importance on social bookmarking in regard of showing their result.

Main Advantages Of Social Bookmarking Are Presented In Below:

  • Any link can be shared and preserved easily.
  • Important links can be arranged very systematically.
  • Do Follow Backing is available.
  • Standard visitors are available.
  • Sharing news and maintaining communication with other members are easy.
  • Building a team and joining team also easy.
  • Easy to bookmark any link by social sharing button from any site.
  • Easy to get any information from the link sharing by others.
  • There are opportunities to determine the standard of any link and add torment or extra information.

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