What is Zika Virus? It`s Symptom, Treatment, Awareness And Remedies.

Zika virusZika Virus Mean:
Zika virus is spreading worldwide through mosquito. It is completely unknown disease. Its symptom is not clear. As a result it is hard to recognize this disease in spite of being attacked. Silently the brain has been damaged by this Zika virus. The brain has been damaged by this disease in such a way that it is quiet impossible to come round.

Zika virus has been named after the forest of Ugandarzika. In 1947, at the time of researching on yellow fever, the scientists captured a monkey in a case. Later, a contagious virus had been found in its body when it fell into fever. In 1952, it had been given a name called Zika virus. In 1954,this virus had been found in a body of a Nigerian guy for the first time.

Here The Symptoms Of Zika Virus:
Symptoms: Fever, rash, pain in knee, eyes become red after being attacked by this disease. Besides pain in muscles and head can be occurred.

Zika Virus Awareness: WHO ( World Health Organization) has created awareness through worldwide recently. Bangladesh is not outside of this awareness. So we should know about this disease. Awareness and carefulness of people are helpful for any kind of prevention of disease.

Detection And Naming: In 1947,researchers detected this virus. Zika is a name of a forest of Uganda in Africa. This virus had been detected from of that forest`s monkey so researchers had given this virus name Zika.

Affected Areas: Concern has not seen for Zika virus with importance. Suddenly In South America the symptoms of this disease has been found from previous two years. Zika virus spreads in Brazil rapidly. Researchers seem that this virus will spread very quickly in south and middle America at present. That`s why advice has been imposed on carefulness.

Way Of Expansion Of This Virus: Zika virus is spread by Aedes aegypti mosquito. This mosquito spreads dengue virus too. This virus also transfers from affected person to normal person.

Symptoms: Symptoms may be seen after being affected by Zika virus: Fever, headache, pain in bone-setting and skin becomes red etc.

Zika Virus 2016Acuteness Of Disease: Its a good news that the patient attacked by this disease does not fall into severe problem. The patient comes round within 5-7 days normally. The possibilities of death is very rare. If a pregnant woman being attacked by zika virus then the child in the womb faces difficulties to normal growing up. Specially it can be hampered in case of complete brain development which is known as Microcephaly. Suddenly several thousands baby in Brazil born with a small head which is smaller than normal head in last year. Many opines that it can be happened because of Zika virus. But there is no specific experimental evidence has found that gives assurance of Zika virus. For this reason people get feared unnecessarily if the unborn child face difficulties by being attacked zika virus.

Zika Virus Treatment:
To quell zika virus there has not been invented any medicine yet. Patients are advised to take full rest. Sufficient foods containing water have to take by patients. Medicines have to be taken according to the advice of doctor. Keep safe from mosquito is the best way to prevent this disease.

Expansion of mosquito should be prevented. Use anti-mosquito spray. Stay away from affected person. In Bangladesh, people create panic unnecessarily without knowing proper information. Know properly in stead of being ignorant. Be aware of and inform others. Maintain carefulness. Disease is not unusual thing in human race. Proper knowledge and carefulness are needed in preventing disease.


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